Project dates: 01/01/2019 - 31/01/2022

Carbon_Dating is a series of networked, experimental artworks situated throughout Queensland, that seek to shift attitudes towards the diverse Australian native grasses that grow in those regions. Despite grasses being one of the most critical plants for the survival of life on earth, our understanding and appreciation of them (beyond their use as animal fodder or lawn-making) remains limited. We also easily forget the vast amounts of life-giving oxygen they provide us to enable our collective breath. By engaging regional, national and international audiences with the ecological and cultural importance of native grasses, Carbon_Dating ‘conspires’ to help us breathe life into inspirational new relationships with Australia’s extraordinary native vegetation. In this time of environmental stress, the project calls upon adventurous humans & vivacious grasses to ‘conspire’ together – to breathe life into radically new kinds of relationships with each other.

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Australia Council For the Arts: New Work: 2019-2021

Arts Qld: Qld Arts Showcase Program: 2020-2022

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Indigenous consultant Freja Carmichael (2021)

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