Regen Brisbane/Meeanjin – July Workshops

Regen Brisbane/Meeanjin is a network of individuals and organisations exploring how we can work together to make Brisbane a regenerative city. Please join us in 2021/2022 for a series of online and in-person events, which will enable us to explore how we can work together, to create innovative, Earth-centred and socially just ways for Brisbane/Meeanjin to become a regenerative city. Regen Brisbane /Meeanjin is proudly hosted by the NENA Brisbane Hub, QUT Design Lab, Australian Earth Laws Alliance, the Greenprints Initiative and Future Dreaming Australia.

This is the first of a series of events (hybrid events – online and in person in Brisbane), which will enable us to explore how Brisbane/Meeanjin could become a regenerative city.

Full Program | Watch Video recordings.

  • Indigenous perspectives about creating regenerative societies
    * Getting to know the living world and our non-human neighbours in the South East Queensland Bioregion and Brisbane River Catchment
    * Locating ourselves within the Earth community: Earth Systems Science, Planetary Boundaries and Climate Change
    * Rethinking Economics: Doughnut economics, circular economy, regenerative community economies and Australia’s “Greenprints” approach
    * Cities in the 21st Century – design, impact and future thinking
    * Brisbane’s ecological footprint: food, energy, transport, housing and material consumption – where do our resources come from, and where does our waste and pollution go to?
    * Social justice and equity in Brisbane/Meeanjin – past, present and future
    * Law and governance that supports regenerative societies: how can we organise ourselves to transform our cityscape?
    * Just transitions: exploring the “how to” transition to new, regenerative economies and social structures

* Representatives from the Yuggera and Turrbal Peoples (speakers being confirmed)
* Mary Graham, Adjunct Associate Professor, University of Queensland and Kombu-merri & Waka Waka person
* Ross Williams, Future Dreaming and Bindal/Juru person
* Professor Will Steffen, Climate Council (via zoom)
* Jonathan Sri, Councillor for the Gabba Ward, Brisbane City Council
* Professor Yin Paradies, Deaking University (via zoom)
* Professor Marcus Foth, QUT Design Lab
* Dr Michelle Maloney, Australian Earth Laws Alliance and New Economy Network Australia
* Mary-Lou Kelly, CEO, Global Greentag International
* Representatives from Healthy Land and Water & Local Land Care Groups
* Many more!


DAY 1 – THURSDAY 29TH JULY – 10am to 4pm

A one day introductory event, offering a ‘scan’ across different approaches to creating a regenerative city and community.

DAY 2 – FRIDAY 30TH JULY – 10am to 3pm

A one day series of workshops, for everyone who participated in Day 1, and would like to go on a ‘deeper dive’ into exploring ways to develop a Regenerative Brisbane.
The program for Day 2 will be confirmed soon.


  • You can participate in Day 1 and Day 2 entirely online if you choose to
  • (Please note that Day 2 is made up of interactive workshops and will only be open to people who participated in Day 1 overview sessions)
  • The zoom link will be sent to all registered participants 3 days, 1 day and 1 hour before the event begins.
  • You can attend Day 1 and Day in person in Brisbane
  • (Please note that Day 2 is made up of interactive workshops and will only be open to people who participated in Day 1 overview sessions)
  • Venue: QUT Kelvin Grove, Peter Coaldrake Education Precinct (E Block), Level 5 – Click here for a map of QUT Campus, and look for “E” Block

** PLEASE NOTE: There are higher ticket prices for in-person attendance, to cover our fully catered program: lunch, morning tea and afternoon tea are included for all in-person tickets


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