TransHuman Saunter at BAD'21, Uroboros'21 and Brisbane City Botanic Gardens

TransHuman Saunter project created performance lectures for BAD festival, Uroboros festival and took participants on saunters in Brisbane City Botanic Gardens.

BAD Festival/QUT Art Museum

The MtHF funded project TransHuman Saunter featured during QUT Art Museum’s offering Speaking Up- on responding to Earth during Brisbane Art Design Festival . This event was hosted by writer and actor Steven Oliver. Presenters: Keemon Williams, Kinly Grey, Nardi Simpson, Sancintya Mohini Simpson, Artists from the TransHuman Saunter project: Agapetos Fa’aleava, Lan Thanh Ha, Naputsamohn Junpiban and Natasha Narain and Kavita Gonsalves (Project Producer). This session took place in Brisbane City Botanic Gardens on 8th May 2021.

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Uroboros Festival, Prague.

The Uroboros – Designing in Troubling Times is a hybrid festival and community network performing experimental inquiry into the transformative potential of design research and practice. Our collective inquiry and activities are inspired by the ambiguous symbol of Uroboros – a serpent devouring itself and changing its form in an eternal cycle of re-creation, using its own body as fuel. The circular and cyclical Uroboros captures the ambiguity of present technologies and designs for the troubling and troubled times that we are living in. Asking what design can do to support positive change, we explore the cyclical processes of design imagination, innovation, failure and return.

May 5th: Kavita: Lightening Talk: 6pm CEST: free/online: 

May 15th: Agapetos & Naputsamohn: 7-8pm AEST

May 16th: Lan & Natasha: 9-10pm AEST

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TransHuman Saunter Artist Walks

Agapetos, Lan, Naputsamohn & Natasha- the TransHuman Saunter artists- will took event participants through their saunters. The starting point is the entrance of A Block facing the City Botanic Gardens. To be part of the session, participants needed to have a fully-charged smartphone, headphones/earphones for your smartphone, internet connection on your phone, a hat, sunnies & Sunscreen, water bottle and comfortable shoes for walking. This event was a collaboration between QUT More-than-Human Futures research group, Urban Informatics/QUT Design Lab, QUT CI HDR Society & Locative Media Supercluster.

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