About Mining

Mining is one of Australia’s leading primary industries and an essential contributor to its economy as one third of all Australia exports are mineral exports. Australia is the world’s largest (e.g., bauxite, coal, opal) or second largest producer (e.g., iron ore, gold, zinc) of a number of minerals making it a globally unique country to contribute to this industry. Increased technological affordances have increased the opportunities for new levels of automation making previously non-accessible resources available as reserves and reducing safety concerns related to human labor. Business modelling, entrepreneurial innovation systems, community and sustainability management are areas of fast increasing interest for the mining and the METS sector.


QUT’s Mining Capability

QUT’s mining research portfolio covers all stages of the supply chain and has particular strength in the following areas, exploration geology, rock mass characterization, mineral analytics, mining robotics, supply chain optimisation and production scheduling, modelling and analysing spatial data, mining intelligence in the form of advanced data and process mining, and rehabilitation and impact assessment. We work closely with important mining associations such as Mining3 or METS Ignited and the CRC Ore. Researchers engaged in mining-related research work in faculties and schools ranging from Mathematics, Computer Sciences, Information Systems, Business and Management and Earth, Environmental and Biological Sciences.

QUT also houses the Centre for METS Business Innovation (CMBI) funded by Queensland Government, Mining3 and QUT. The Centre identifies management, workforce and policy barriers and drivers of technological transformation which underpins our collaborations with industry and government to realise the market value of new technologies in the mining sector.