The Medicinal Molecules and Materials Group is a collaborative team of organic, medicinal and polymer chemists, looking to understand how precision chemistry can be used to solve clinical health problems. We create new synthetic strategies, design new functional molecules and materials, and develop structure-function relationships using in depth chemical characterisation and biological evaluation.

The collaborative group is co-led by Professor Kathryn Fairfull-Smith (Molecules) and Dr Nathan Boase (Materials).


What do we do?

Organic synthesis

New synthetic strategies to synthesise functional and responsive molecules as therapeutics and imaging probes.

Antioxidant materials

From a background in nitroxide molecules and materials, we look at harnessing antioxidant compounds as therapeutics and responsive reporters.

Medicinal chemistry

Creating new therapeutic molecules through molecular design, structure-function relationships, and harnessing the chemistry of antioxidant molecules and nitroxides. Aiming to improve curreent therapeutics through effective polymeric drug delivery agents.


New polymeric materials to improve clinical therapies through nanomedicine – the unique combination or specific targeting, therapeutic delivery, and visualising disease progression.

High performance polymers

Responsive and robust polymeric materials to act as coatings and structural components to protect against healthcare related diseases, but also industrial applications in automotive industry and 3D printing. Supporting this research goal, Prof Kathryn Fairfull-Smith and Dr Nathan Boase are members of the Materials for Extreme Environments (MEE) alliance.

Our research group are members of QUT Centre for Material Science, the Faculty of Science, and the School of Chemistry and Physics.