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In focus: Aim Lab Automation Technologies

This month we spoke with David McGrath, Project Manager at Aim Lab Automation Technologies, about his experience in our program.

Why did you join the LSI Export Hub, and what has your experience been so far?

“We joined the hub in November last year with a view to developing new partnerships and market knowledge. Our experience so far has offered the opportunity to collaborate with other SME’s, and we continue to improve under the tutelage of the hub’s mentors.

The ability to connect virtually throughout the pandemic with market experts, especially those that are on the ground in other countries, has given us great insight as we look to diversify into new markets.”

What do you hope to achieve through the hub’s network?

“As the biomedical industry becomes a priority industry for Queensland, we are keen to work with SME’s to plan, build and deploy their ideas. We have a competitive advantage with ISO13485 certification, which means we design, manufacture and maintain products at the highest, internationally-recognised standard of quality.”

You can learn more and connect with the team through the Aim Lab Automation Technologies website.


Who is taking part in our program?

A selection of our current participants include: