FAQ – Phases of Program

What are the four phases of the program?

The LSI Export Hub will work on a competitive basis, selecting the best candidates to prepare life science research, products and technologies for commercialisation and export markets in the Asian region. The Hub program will utilise a competitive model that involves four phases – four tiers of training, expertise and guidance – and requires participants to apply to continue to each phase of the Hub. These four phases are;

  • Phase 1: Bootcamps and Online Training
    – access to industry and business leaders with expertise, aimed at developing and refining your business strategy
  • Phase 2: Asian Readiness (Mentoring)
    – access to mentoring, specific training according to technology readiness and region of interest
  • Phase 3: Asian Immersion
    – missions to Asian region of interest to make first contact with key markets and potential collaborators/partners/markets
  • Phase 4: Asian Residency
    – limited opportunity to undertake medium-term residency utilising out Asian partners infrastructure and networks