The September SPARK: Technologies of Research, Research on Technologies

The September SPARK, hosted by the Literacies, Language, Texts and Technologies and STEM Education Research Groups is focused on technologies of research, and research on/with technologies.


The SPARK creatively plays with the format of the session and presents a series of quick, ten-minute presentations by LLTT and STEM research group members who research on and with technologies.

The key issues and questions the September SPARK addresses include:

  • The dimensions of technology: how is technology diversely conceptualized in education research?
  • Possibilities and restrictions: how do technologies enable and constrain research innovation?
  • Fascinations: what are the big questions driving technology/education research?

About the speakers:

Dr Donna King
Dr Donna King is an Associate Professor in science education and STEM education in the school of teacher education and leadership at QUT. Dr King’s recent research in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education spans three interconnecting fields: context-based science, engineering education and the emotional engagement of students in science classes. She has been the chief investigator on three ARC grants.

Dr Vinesh Chandra
Dr Vinesh Chandra is a Senior Lecturer in Technology and STEM Education. At QUT, he teaches and coordinates undergraduate and postgraduate courses in education which focus on STEM, design and digital technology, and science education. He also supervises post-graduate students in these disciplines. Dr Chandra’s current research interest includes the investigation of teacher professional development in STEM and technology education that include coding and robotics.

Dr Bronwyn Ewing
Dr Bronwyn Ewing is a Senior Lecturer of Mathematics Education in the QUT School of Teacher Education and Leadership. Bronwyn’s research adopts a transdisciplinary approach, addressing complex problems in pedagogy and mathematics education settings, including mainstream primary, Youth Education and Training Centre primary and secondary, Special Education primary and secondary and girls in Middle schooling. In the School of Teacher Education and Leadership, Bronwyn leads and manages several ongoing research projects and supervises early career academics and PhD, EdD and Masters by Research students. She leads the Master of Teaching (Primary) Program and four postgraduate and undergraduate primary mathematics education units.

Dr Linda Knight
Dr Linda Knight is in the School of Early Childhood and Inclusive Education at Queensland University of Technology, and co-leader of the Literacies, Language, Texts and Technologies Research Group. Linda uses critical arts methodologies and practices in speculative research to examine human/non-human/inhuman urban citizenships. Her projects include: using inefficient mapping of (play)spaces to consider the ethics of urban sites; conventions of Artificial Intelligence and coding and issues of algorithmic diversity; and drawing as a non-representational methodology. Linda is a founding member of #FEAS Feminist Educators Against Sexism, an arts activist collective that uses irreverence, comedy and arts interventions to research workplace sexism.

Dr Michelle Mukherjee
Dr Michelle Mukherjee is a lecturer in Digital Pedagogies and Science Education in the Faculty of Education, and is Co-ordinator of the BEd. (Primary) program. Her research interests are located in the field of productive technology integration in science education and visualisation of scientific ideas for conceptual development. She also has a strong interest in Human Computer Interaction and usability. She has lectured and tutored in Primary and Middle Years science and technology units. Prior to that she was Head of Department for ICT in a secondary school in England, and a Lotus Notes specialist in industry.

Dr Peter O'Brien
Dr Peter O’Brien is an academic in the School of Early Childhood and Inclusive Education in the Faculty of Education. His published work focuses on advanced liberal forms of rule—from its rationalities of the market and entrepreneurialism, to its technologies of professional standards, professional learning, and performance measurement.

Dr Clare O'Farrell
Dr Clare O’Farrell is Senior Lecturer in the School of Teacher and Leadership in the Faculty of Education. She is a specialist in the work of the influential French thinker, Michel Foucault, and has published two books on his work and edited another. Columbia University Press recently published her new book Foucault at the movies, which she translated from French and edited. She is a founding co-editor of the journal Foucault Studies, and runs the blog Foucault News.


Location: A Block, Level 3, Room 330, QUT Kelvin Grove Campus, Brisbane, QLD 4059
Start Date: 11/09/2018
Start Time: 12pm
End Date: 11/09/2018
End Time: 2pm
Cost: Free
Organiser: Literacies, Language, Texts and Technologies and STEM Education Research Groups
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