Volunteers Needed

If you would like to volunteer for an fMRI or EEG study, please contact:

Project Description

Our lab conducts experiments using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), electroencephalography (EEG), and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) stimulation. We recruit healthy volunteers aged between 18 and 40 years.

Volunteer Tasks

You will be asked to perform an interactive psychological task in either a laboratory or MRI scanner, only after you have provided written confirmation of your informed consent to participate. For example, the task could involve viewing images projected onto a screen, and/or hearing words presented through headphones, and you would be required to make some sort of response, either by pressing a button or speaking out loud. You will be informed about the nature of the task and will be able to practice so that you are familiar with it before the experiment. You will also be able to voluntarily withdraw from the experiment at any time, for any reason, should you wish to do so.

The timeframe of the research volunteer’s work

Each fMRI, EEG, and TMS session can be expected to take about 60 minutes, including preparation and experiment time.

Location of research that the volunteer will assist with

EEG and TMS experiments are conducted on QUT’s Kelvin Grove Campus. For fMRI, experiments are performed with a 3 Tesla Siemens Magnetom Prisma MRI system at the Herston Imaging Research Facility just down the road from QUT’s Kelvin Grove Campus.

Required/preferred skills of the volunteer

Right-handed and native-English speaking. That is, the country in which you were born has English as the primary language and English is the first and only language you learned between birth and the first 5 years of life.

You must have no history of significant head injury, neurological or psychiatric disorder, or learning disability, or have used psychotropic medication (e.g., antidepressants).

20/20 natural or corrected vision is required. Those with corrected vision will need to bring contact lenses to participate.

Weight less than 100 kg.

Any other relevant information

You will be required to complete an MRI safety checklist prior to participating, and you will be reimbursed $30 for travel costs/participation when you have finished the experiment.

Please leave your daytime contact number so we may ring you to discuss the study and provide reminders about appointment times.

What happens if something abnormal is found in my scans?

We do not provide a clinical service, so cannot offer comment on the MRI scans, which are acquired for research purposes only. Research scans are typically not acquired with the same protocols as those used clinically, and therefore cannot be used diagnostically. In the event that a radiographer or investigator notes an incidental finding on a research scan, you will be advised of this and invited to contact your GP to arrange a referral to an appropriate specialist. Please consider carefully what it would mean to you if we told you of a suspected abnormality in your brain. If you do not want to know, then you should choose not to participate.

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