Professor Andrew Johnston

    Professor, School of Law, University of Warwick

    Andrew joined Warwick Law School in July 2020. He grew up in Liverpool and then studied law at the University of Cambridge. After practising law with Herbert Smith and the Treasury Solicitor, he embarked on an academic career, teaching at the University of Warsaw and writing his PhD at the European University Institute in Florence. He then taught at the Universities of Sheffield, Cambridge and Queensland before being appointed Professor of Company Law and Corporate Governance at the University of Sheffield in 2013. He has held visiting positions at Mines ParisTech and Queensland University of Technology.

    Research interests

    Andrew’s research focuses on company law, corporate governance and financial markets. He explores how they contribute to the complex and profound systemic challenges facing the world, including unsustainability, short-termism and inequality, and considers how they might be reformed so as to resolve or at least mitigate some of these issues. In seeking answers to these questions, he has explored adjacent and complementary fields like heterodox and institutional law & economics, regulatory theory, history of management, taxation, theories of money and central banking, and interdisciplinary approaches to social and environmental externalities.