Chemical Ionisation Mass Spectrometer (CIMS)

The Aerodyne high resolution Time of Flight Chemical Ionisation Mass Spectrometer (ToF-CIMS) is used for real-time identification and quantification of gas-phase compounds in sampled air. Interchangeable inlets and ionisation sources allow detection of a great range of compounds. Ion-Molecule Reaction (IMR) inlet is normally used with acetate, iodide and (H2O)nH+ ions, while  an Atmospheric Pressure Drift Tube Reaction Chamber is used in combination with nitrate reagent ion. Chemical ionisation via nitrate ions is of particular importance for our marine aerosol research as it allows detection of sulphuric, methanesulfonic and iodic acid as well as highly oxidized organic compounds – these are all the species that are very important for particle formation and growth. Filter Inlet for Gas and Aerosols (FIGAERO) enables simultaneous real-time chemical analysis of trace gases and aerosols and it can be used in combination with the IMR inlet.

Without chemical ionisation interface, this instrument can be used to measure chemical composition of positive or negative ions present in the air.