Particles from Respiratory Activities and Infection Spread

The ILAQH has been conducting extensive studies related to infection spread over many years, including responses to the current COVID-19 pandemic. The ILAQH’s work in this field has layed a foundation for the understanding of particles from respiratory activities and infection spread including, the:

  • size distribution and origin
  • mechanisms of breath from human expirated aerosols
  • burden of cough aerosols
  • droplet fate in indoor environments and the impact of room ventilation
  • risk of airborne infection transmission  in indoor environments
  • use of face masks
  • airborne transmission and estimation of airborne viral emissions.


Journal Articles (Peer-Reviewed):

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Editorial Articles, Other Professional Publications:

  1. Improving indoor ventilation: an overlooked COVID infection control strategy”. Croakey, 26 July 2021
  2. Australia must get serious about airborne infection transmission. Here’s what we need to do”. The Conversation, 26 July 2021
  3. Morawska, L. and Marks, G.B. “More testing and surveillance needed for COVID-19”. Croaky, 24 March 2020

Plenary Presentations