Air monitoring station

This is a joint venture between QUT and the Queensland , that aims to better our understanding of the atmospheric environment and its impact on the health and welfare of society.

The specific aims of this research are:

  • to conduct comprehensive long-term multicomponent characterisation of ambient air, with a particular focus on submicrometer particles and interactions in which the particles are involved
  • to conclude on the environment and human exposure to multicomponent air pollution
  • to recommend strategies for overall upgrade of air quality.

The station is equipped with specialist equipment including a:

  • scanning mobility particle sizer
  • aerodynamic particle sizer
  • NOx analyser
  • SO2 analyser
  • nephelometer
  • ANSTO fine particle sampler
  • O3 analyser
  • TEOM (PM10)
  • CO analyser
  • weather station.

The station is located at level 6 of M block at QUT’s Gardens Point campus.