2023 ANAT Synapse Art Residency "Aerosol" at ILAQH, Ross Manning

Aerosol will creatively explore how art might provoke new thinking about living in, and interacting with, buildings and their indoor atmospheres. Informed by state-of-the-art science and technologies for monitoring air quality, as well as ventilating/filtrating indoor environment, Aerosol will produce DIY experiments in kinetic, immersive, and interactive art.

Ross Manning’s work facilitates interactions of light, physics, and sound. Repurposing technologies Manning creates dynamic sculptures and atmospheric installations. Stemming from Manning’s experimental music background, he employs a distinct audio-visual language that uses rhythm and repetition to connect sound, light, colour, and movement.

Ross Manning will be collaborating with Distinguished Professor Lidia Morawska and the International Laboratory for Air Quality and Health, and Dr Anna Tweedale from the Human-Building Interaction Research Group at QUT.

Pictured: Ross Manning’s “Hyperbola” (detail), 2019, Kyoto Arts Centre Japan