“How’s the air up there?”: Queensland Communities Discussing Air Quality

Air quality must be monitored and managed to ensure a healthy lifestyle, especially for sensitive groups (e.g., asthmatics, children). Monitoring networks are being improved with low-cost, user-friendly technology (‘KOALAs’) developed by QUT. KOALAs (‘Knowing Our Ambient, Local Air’) are already improving Brisbane and Gold Coast networks, and assisting objectives of the Queensland Family Cohort (QFC) for air pollution measurement for family health outcomes). Longreach was introduced to KOALAs by 2019 QLD ‘Flying Scientist’ Dr Cole-Hunter during National Science Week 2019, with demand growing throughout QLD (e.g., Mackay, Townsville) and globally. Together, we aimed to address this demand and help co-create community-focused tools for air quality.

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