QUT Improving Health Outcomes for People is a research group within the School of Public Health and Social Work, Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation, Queensland University of Technology.

We have a distinct research focus on improving health outcomes for people

The QUT Improving Health Outcomes for People research group is central to the University’s and School’s role of providing quality research and education in the multi-faceted areas of Public Health to the community both in Australia and internationally.

Our projects focus on cancer prevention, early detection and the physical and psychosocial recovery process following cancer treatment. We have a special interest in skin cancer, breast cancer, gynaecological cancer and lymphoedema.

Physical activity forms a large component of our work, conducting randomised controlled trials in women with young children, in rural populations and among women undergoing treatment for breast and gynaecological cancer.

Our Vision:

High quality research for optimal health

Our Mission:

Improving Health Outcomes for People through high quality research

Our Values:

  1. Commitment to conduct high quality research that addresses peoples’ individual needs
  2. Community engagement by listening to what is needed and doing research important to individuals that will ultimately lead to a community/public health benefit
  3. Care for the factors and circumstances which impact peoples’ health
  4. Communication with internal and external stakeholders, especially consumers and research participants
  5. Collaborations of high quality that lead to optimal national and international impact