Kinder and gentler treatment for uterine cancer

The LACE trial is changing the standard practice in clinical care for women with uterine cancer.

The LACE trial involved 760 patients and 27 surgeons throughout Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Results were recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

A keyhole approach to surgery, rather than open, abdominal can reduce the number of patients developing severe surgical complications, reduce hospital stay time and health care expenditure. Disease-free survival at 4.5 years was 81.6% with total laparoscopic hysterectomy (keyhole) vs 81.3% with total abdominal hysterectomy.

Lead author, QUT Improving Health Outcomes for People researcher Professor Monika Janda, said, “This is the end of a 10-year study and it really does give reassurance to women who have to have a hysterectomy.”

Some 30,000 women in Australia each year require a hysterectomy for many different reasons.