Virtual Geology Teaching Tool


The Virtual Geology Teaching Tool consists of a comprehensive toolkit, containing tools used for measurement and other general data collection in the field. With some of these tools requiring training to use, and students having limited time to practice, the virtual tools provide a solution that is as close to real life as you can get. With this option, geology instructors can ensure their students are field-ready and understand all the tools they will be using.

There are plans to expand upon this project, possibly introducing lessons alongside the tools, transforming it into a fully-fledged geology class delivery option. Extra mechanics such as the Terrain Slicer can help students more easily comprehend stratigraphy hidden within outcrops in a 3D space – something they cannot do on such a grand scale on physical field trips. There are many more interactive elements within the teaching tool that will be utilised to create the perfect learning environment for new geology students.

Check out the tool one pages for an overview of these tools & more.

Terrain Slicer

Developed by Mackenzie Muir

A state of the art tool designed to assist geologists with comprehending and analysing stratigraphy through 3D manipulation.  Learn More

NPC System

Developed by Michael Dao

A complex system that provides learning content and guidance through dialogue and NPCs. Learn More



Developed by Sienna Wilton

A high-detail, realistic environment made using Quixel Megascans, focused on simulating geological sites. Learn More



Virtual Geology Toolkit

Developed by Sean Dunne, Mackenzie Muir, Sienna Wilton

A 3D kit consisting of a range of fully-functional geology fieldwork tools. Learn More

Note-Taking System

Developed by Jean-Daniel Jacquin

A note-taking tool that allows geologists to use voice, action, and location to take notes during their virtual fieldwork. Learn More


Topographical Map

Developed by Mackenzie Muir, Michael Dao, Felix Reason

A real-time map that plots the terrain in the virtual environment, displaying a range of geographical information. Learn More


In-Game Camera

Developed by Mackenzie Muir

A functioning camera that allows users to take photos in the immersive environment. Learn More