There are obligations for participants in the Ipswich Connected Vehicle Pilot (also known as ICVP). You must agree to these obligations before having the connected vehicle (also known as C-ITS) equipment installed. If you have any questions about these obligations or your ability to participate in the pilot, please contact us.

Participant Obligations

During the course of the Ipswich Connected Vehicle Pilot (ICVP), you agree to the following:

  • To undertake training, including refresher training if/as required, in-person and online, in relation to use of the C-ITS equipment in the ICVP.
  • To complete a series of four questionnaires during the IVCP.
  • To return your vehicle to the Briggs Road Installation Station to repair or replace the C-ITS equipment if we find it is not working.
  • To return your vehicle for removal of the C-ITS equipment, including if you choose to end your participation prior to completing the ICVP.
  • To allow the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) research team and/or technicians to access the C-ITS equipment for data retrieval, inspection, and maintenance, at a mutually agreeable opportunity, if necessary during the ICVP.
  • To answer questions about your continued participation in the ICVP if limited or no data is logged for a period of 7 or more consecutive days without prior notice of you being unable to drive and/or if data is logged relatively more frequently as a non-participant than consenting participant. These questions may be asked via email or phone call, from a member of the QUT research team.
  • To, as much as possible, remain stationary in your vehicle and select your participant code on the HMI before driving; and to ensure that any non-participant drivers are aware that they also should remain stationary in the vehicle and select ‘non-participant’ before driving. The HMI selection screen should not be interacted with once you have started driving.

You agree to notify the QUT research team as early as possible if any of the following circumstances occur – if:

  • There is a change in your circumstances which means you no longer meet the eligibility criteria at any stage during the ICVP;
  • Any problems arise with the device;
  • You are unable to drive the vehicle in the pilot test area for a period of 7 or more consecutive days (e.g., while on holiday or injured, if you loan the vehicle to someone else, if the vehicle is broken down, etc.);
  • Your vehicle and/or device is stolen;
  • You are involved in a crash; or
  • You have a concern or complaint regarding any aspect of your participation.

You agree to take your vehicle to the Briggs Road Installation site for the initial vehicle inspection for eligibility, and the installation, maintenance (if necessary), and removal of the C-ITS equipment. You understand that RoadTek, Transport and Main Roads (TMR), and/or QUT staff, may need to drive your vehicle while undertaking any of the aforementioned activities.

You agree for reference photographs of your vehicle to be taken for data collection purposes as well as for insurance purposes (if required).

You agree to a Vehicle Condition Form being prepared, signed by all parties (i.e., installer technician, QUT team member, and participant), which lists any pre-existing damage to the vehicle at installation, maintenance (if necessary), and removal of the C-ITS equipment.

You agree not to tamper with, wilfully damage, or misuse the C-ITS equipment yourself and agree that you will make every effort to ensure that the C-ITS equipment is not tampered with, wilfully damaged, or misused by others.

You agree to drive responsibly throughout your participation in the ICVP and adhere to road rules and driving laws.

You agree not to be involved in any conduct or activity that will or may harm QUT and/or TMR, these organisations’ names or reputation, or which brings, or may bring, QUT and/or TMR into disrepute, contempt, scandal, or ridicule.

You will inform other passengers and drivers of the vehicle fitted with the C-ITS equipment, about the ICVP and how to use the equipment. In the case of other drivers, you will advise them of the need to select “non-participant” on the log-in screen of the human machine interface (HMI) and that failure to select an option will result in data being collected on the assumption that it is the consenting driver.

You agree not to use an automatic car wash, and take due care when using a manual car wash or washing car by hand, in order to not damage or displace the C-ITS equipment.

You agree not to enter a military or high security facility with the vehicle while the C-ITS equipment is installed, without prior permission from the facility owner.