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The Ipswich Connected Vehicle Pilot will see innovative connected vehicle technology fitted in up to 500 public participants’ vehicles. This technology allows vehicles to communicate wirelessly with other connected vehicles and infrastructure to produce safety warnings for drivers, as illustrated in the Safety warnings section.

The equipment that will be installed into participant’s vehicles includes an antenna mounted on a roof-rack, an in-vehicle communications box placed under the driver’s seat, and a display on the dashboard which will provide the safety warnings to the driver. The equipment will not interfere with the normal operation of the vehicle but will also allow for the collection of vehicle data. The driver will remain in complete control of the vehicle at all times. None of the devices will cause any damage to the vehicles.

Examples of the vehicle equipment to be used in the pilot:


Image of the in-vehicle display on the dashboard of a vehicleIn-vehicle display installed above the dashboard. The display is suctioned on to the windscreen (like a GPS).


Image of in-vehicle box installed under a front seat in a vehicleIn-vehicle communications box installed under driver’s seat. The box is attached to the floor of the vehicle with velcro.


Image of the roof of a vehicle with a roof rack and small antenna.Roof rack with antenna installed on vehicle roof. The roof rack is removed at the end of the study and will not damage the vehicle.