Technology is changing human lives, relationships, and the planet. Law has a fundamental role in addressing and managing these changes. Technology is also changing forms of law. The present needs thoughtful, trusted, and inclusive understandings and imaginings of law and technology to inspire and build better technological futures for human lives, relationships and the planet.

The Humans Technology Law Centre responds to this challenge to inspire and build better technological futures. The Centre’s community comprises leading and emerging researchers in technology law, computational law, platform governance, public law, commercial and corporate law, regulatory analysis, science technology and society studies, environmental law and studies and socio-legal studies. The Centre, and its members, is further connected to a global ecosystem of allied researchers and research collectives.

The Centre’s research is built around three key research streams, each with its own focus and agendas. The streams are interdependent with most Centre members working within and across streams. The Centre supports an active program of seminars, research training and skills and capacity development.

*Image courtesy of Andrii Lytvynko on Unsplash