Research Team

  • Professor V. Nathan Subramaniam

    Professor and Group Leader

    Prof Nathan Subramaniam is an NHMRC Senior Research Fellow and Research Capacity Building Professor in the School of Biomedical Sciences, QUT. Prof Nathan Subramaniam received his PhD from Purdue University, W. Lafayette, Indiana, USA. He did his research at Purdue and at the Department of Biochemistry, University of California at...

  • Dr Gautam Rishi

    Research Associate

    I obtained a PhD in Clinical Sciences from the School of Medicine, University of Queensland in 2015. During my PhD I investigated the role of transferrin receptor 2, a liver-expressed protein, in multiple physiological functions including iron homeostasis, erythropoiesis and inflammation. This project involved developing and using a variety of...

  • Eriza Secondes

    Research Assistant

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