Enhancing Access to ‘Just’ Healthcare for CALD clients: Exploring barriers to interpreter service uptake in Metro South Health

There has been an underutilisation of the free interpreter services in the Metro South region, so this project was developed to understand why that is so, and co-design solutions to help increase the use of the service.

Who was involved?

This project was championed by Karen Beaver and Ruby Chari, Multicultural Mental Health Coordinators for Metro South Health, and enacted by the QUT Design Lab team of Associate Professor Janice Rieger, working with HEAL HDR Interns Sarah Johnstone and Thalia Bruner.

What was the process?

Following a detailed briefing on the declining use of the free interpreter services across Metro South, the QUT Design Lab team conducted a survey, and an online co-design workshop with clinicians from across the region to identify the issues and barriers to use of the service. From these findings, the team developed a storyboard for an animation to promote the interpreter service to clinicians, with the aim of increasing its uptake, which was workshopped with both the clients and clinicians.

What were the outcomes?

Two short animated videos promoting the free interpreter service are currently under development.

Part One – The Appointment:

Part Two – Post-Appointment:

All Together – the Full Video:

Storyboard of animation to increase the use of Interpreter Services