Sam Regi


    Sam is a multimedia documentarian, and academic pursuing embedded stories through process-driven journalism to inspire social change. He is interested in harnessing participatory media, especially audio narratives and documentary photography, to instigate meaningful discourses.

    Sam has joined the HEAL team as a research assistant for QUT Design Lab, to capture some of the stories in visual narratives. Sam is also working on a UQ-ABC collaboration, to produce a series of panel discussions for the Think Twice television program. Later this year, Sam will be joining QUT to pursue his MPhil but is also driven by his own independent long-term journalism projects. The most recent of which seeks to capture the complex character of grief in a children’s hospice.

    Sam has won few accolades, most notable an international grant by the Whicker’s Foundation in London to pursue the project on grief and he was part of a team that won the 2016 Queensland multicultural reporting award of the year.