Dr Lauren Shaw

    Dr Lauren Shaw is a social psychologist, researcher and educator. Her research is in the field of social cognition and focuses on understanding and unpacking the psychological processes that influence behaviour during human interactions, including in organisations, while driving, and in learning environments. Lauren is passionate about understanding these thought processes and experiences so that the knowledge can be used to enhance the quality of these interactions in all areas of life. Lauren has an expansive knowledge and understanding of research methodology and data analysis, with a unique ability to be able to synthesise and convey complex information in a simple, straightforward manner. She is experienced with quantitative and qualitative research techniques, has undertaken complex research projects (e.g., multi-stage, multidisciplinary research), as well as process and outcome evaluation research. In addition to research expertise, Lauren is also an award-winning educator, having taught psychology at several Australian universities, as well as applied organisational psychology for industry clients. Lauren adopts an experiential approach to education, where she crafts hands-on activities that provides students’ space to inquire and reflect on their own thought processes and behaviour.  A keen, skilled writer, Lauren contributed to the HEAL report by curating information about several key projects.