Dr Anastasia Tyurina

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B.Ed, MA (Photojournalism)

The broad objective of my research agenda is to contribute to the understanding of how collaborative practices of science, technologies, and contemporary arts and design are capable of addressing and solving some complex critical issues in society related to the Anthropocene. To advance this objective, my research generates around two goals:

(1) exploring creativity as the source of innovation and communication design as the process of discovering and developing creative insight into shared human experience.
(2) applying creative methodologies to investigate meaningful relationships between science, technologies, arts, and human experience.

I operate within the domains of scientific imaging, photography, creative coding, generative art and design, interaction design, and graphic design. I approach the development of technology as a fundamental human activity. From this perspective, I seek to uncover the relationship between the mind, body, and material that cultivates knowledge through making/thinking/creating.