Dr Mitchell McEwan

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Lecturer, Science and Engineering Faculty

PhD (Queensland University of Technology), MIT (Queensland University of Technology), BFA (Rutgers University)

Mitchell is an early career academic and founding member of the Games Research and Interaction Design (GRID) lab at QUT, with a diverse background in teaching, research, design, theatre, and marketing.

His doctoral research focused on how natural mapping in video game control interfaces influences intuitive interaction and the player experience. This work included development of new frameworks for classifying naturally mapped control interfaces (NMCIs) and pathways to intuitive interaction for games, as well as new measures for sampling player characteristics based on game technology familiarity (GTF).

Mitchell began teaching at QUT in 2010, starting as a lecturer in 2013, with broad experience across units related to interaction and video game design, history, production and evaluation. He has also collaborated on research projects at QUT focused on topics such as designing apps for childhood education and subjective and objective measurement of the player experience. Mitchell lead a research project in collaboration with Cystic Fibrosis Queensland, which aims to explore how games can be used to build resilience and improve wellbeing and social connectedness for kids living with cystic fibrosis.