Louis Van Dyke

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PhD Student

Bachelor of Games and Interactive Entertainment (Software Technology) (Distinction), Bachelor of Information Technology, Honours (First-Class)

Louis Van Dyke is a PhD student in the GRID Lab. His research is centered on computational thinking skills. He is a sessional academic, tutoring in the areas of software technology and interaction design.


Louis‘s PhD research is grounded in Human-Computer Interaction and Computing Education, with a strong focus on defining and identifying the skills used in computational thinking activities like computer programming and problem solving. Using this framework, Louis‘s research will observe current practices in the Australian education system, particularly the Kindergarten-to-Grade 12 curriculum, and derive key data about how we teach, whether it’s working and how we can improve our teaching practices in the future.


Since 2015, Louis has been teaching at QUT. University teaching is one of his core interests, especially in the areas of design and technology. His approach to teaching is centered in transferable skills and setting students up for success throughout university and in industry.


Alongside his academic career, Louis is also a game developer in the Brisbane indie sphere. He has published multiple freeware titles for PC, mobile and Steam VR. In 2013, he founded the QUT Game Development Club, and remains involved as an honorary member. Louis is a generalist who works in all development roles across programming, art and design – though his key strengths are in programming and project management. Louis enjoys being a part of the freeware community and will continue his work in the area as a hobbyist throughout his academic career.