Dr April Tyack

    PhD Graduate

    April Tyack is a PhD Graduate out of the Games Research and Interaction Design Lab at QUT. Her PhD research focuses on Wellbeing, Restorative play, and the use of Self Determination Theory in a videogame context. Her work concerns meta-science, the use of psychological theory to explain aspects of player experience, and ordinary experiences of play. She has previously written on social play online, experiences of social relatedness in single-player videogames, and games for learning. Her research interests are both broad, adapting epic theatre principles for the design of games for learning, and critical, analysing the current uses and opportunities for leading theories in her field.

    During her PhD April was also a Sessional Academic for QUT, teaching into several units. The content she taught ranged from game design and development to critical analysis of current industry topics.

    April’s engagement with extracurricular activities beyond expectations. She held positions on the DIGRA Australia executive team for several years. She wrote columns for Metro Magazine, focusing on current events in Australian game-making scenes, and previously wrote for Haywire Magazine. Her standard of work and dedication to her commitments has always been above reproach.