Genealogy is the study of family origins and history, and the tracing of relatives. In this project, our genealogist is conducting extensive searches to establish accurate family trees for a list of missing Australian service members. The names of these missing service members were provided to QUT by UWC-A and names were selected based on their proximity to recently recovered remains. Traditional genealogy methods are employed to establish family pedigree trees which are then used to identify potential candidates for DNA testing.

The Genealogist uses a variety of records to establish a family tree. Searches include:

  • Birth, Death & Marriage records
  • church records
  • cemetery records
  • electoral rolls
  • wills and probates
  • newspapers articles
  • census records
  • school records
  • employment records
  • genealogy databases
  • Military records
  • immigration records
  • land records
  • post office directories
  • trade directories
  • headstone photos
  • State Archive records
  • medical records
  • local history publications
  • online message boards
  • online family trees
  • and associated public services.