Additional Pricing and Transport Information

Additional Pricing 

 Additional costs will include:

  • costs for sample collection – you to provide/arrange
  • any associated costs for delivery of samples to/from us will be provided by you
  • presentation of results and expected timing of delivery of results to be discussed


Please enquire about potential discounts for your study depending on sample size:

  • If > 20 samples, there will be a 5% discount on the above pricing (50% on acceptance of quote and 50% on receipt of data)
  • If >50 samples, there will be a 10% discount on the above pricing (50% on acceptance of quote and 50% on receipt of data)


Transport Information

Sending samples to the GRC from outside Australia

Australia’s DAFF (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry) has very strict guidelines regarding the importation of biological goods. If you intend sending us samples and wish to avoid unnecessary delays, then please read the following:

We have import permits for genetic material – extracted DNA from non-virulent micro-organisms; sera blood or tissue samples from most animal species.  As sending biological samples can be difficult, we recommend if at all possible to send extracted and dried down gDNA and can provide details on how to prepare these samples. If your samples fall into any of the above classifications, please follow the below steps, otherwise contact our office for acceptance with regard to sending other material.

  • Your shipment must be accompanied by a signed and dated declaration letter on business letterhead stating what goods are enclosed including a samples list and a copy of our DAFF Biosecurity import permit(s). Please contact us for a copy. The declaration letter should also state:
  • what animal/soil/plant and what part of the animal/plant/soil is enclosed;
  • the country of origin / where it was sourced;
  • how the goods were packed, eg. in 20mls or 20gms for each individual sample. Ideally they should be packed in clean new packaging such as falcon tubes or zip lock bags and must be free of contamination. Please note: DAFF may apply stringent sterilisation processes on samples if they discover samples are not packed accordingly;
  • what DAFF permit number(s) the samples are being imported with; and
  • declare that the goods are non-hazardous (if that is the case), have no commercial value (NCV), and are for in vitro use only at the ACAD laboratory.
  • Place the declaration letter and AQIS permit in an envelope and affix to the outside of the parcel (this means outside the mail bag if one is used). Mark the envelope ‘ATTENTION AUSTRALIAN QUARANTINE’. If posting via a courier DO NOT place the documents inside the address pouch as this has caused issues in previous occasions, like paperwork falling out of the pouch. It is also advisable to write the import permit number directly on the outside of the package/declaration envelope.
  • Mark the parcel if it is to be refrigerated upon arrival, eg MUST BE REFRIGERATED UPON DELIVERY.

Please note: GST is not applicable to services provided internally (within QUT) but will be added to external transactions.