Genotyping – MassARRY, HRM, RFLP, pyrosequencing, gene expression     


MassARRAY SNP genotyping                                  – $10.50 per sample

HRM Genotyping                                                       – $9.50 per sample

RFLP Genotyping                                                       – $7.50 per sample

Pyrosequencing SNP assay                                       – $15.00 per sample

Pyrosequencing CpG assay                                       – $15 per sample

SyBr Q-PCR                                                                  – $8.50 per sample


  • Plus Service Fee of $100 for each batch of samples
  • MassARRAY panels available, please enquire
  • Analysis, to be discussed, dependent on sample/study size
  • The GRC can also perform gene specific Taqman/labelled Q-PCR assays. These will be priced on an individual basis. Please enquire.

Please note: GST is not applicable to services provided internally (within QUT) but will be added to external transactions.