Genomics Clinical Trials Centre




The Genomics Clinical Trials Centre is a facility dedicated to conducting new treatment clinical trials, situated in the centre of the Gold Coast at Mermaid Waters. 

The GCT Centre consists of a multi-disciplinary team actively involved in study design, recruitment, database creation and management, biostatistical analysis and reporting for research studies in Alzheimer’s disease, migraine, hypertension, breast, skin and prostate cancer, osteoporosis and multiple sclerosis.

The site has been involved in a number of Alzheimer’s disease clinical trials, each taking a slightly different approach to unlocking this debilitating condition. These studies are made possible by the contribution of the Gold Coast community whose seniors volunteer their time and effort toward these important trials. See our current and past clinical trials page for further details of these trials. 

We are currently recruiting for a number of studies; if you or someone you know is interested in participating in these studies please contact our clinic for more information (07 5688 7170).


Recruiting Studies

The GRADUATE I Study – currently recruiting (September 2018 – 2020)

The GRADUATE study is a Phase III Placebo-controlled clinical trial investigating the efficacy and safety of an investigational medication (Gantenerumab) in patients with early (prodromal to mild) Alzheimer’s disease. This investigational medication has already had some testing in humans for safety and effectiveness and is now being tested in a larger group of people to determine if the drug reduces the level of amyloid beta in the brain.  This is important because there is evidence to suggest that plaques of amyloid beta in the brain prevent cells in the brain from functioning correctly.

Participants in the GRADUATE study are involved for 3 years not including an optional 2 year open label extension study. Over the length of the study participants receive study medication via injection and monitoring of health and Alzheimer’s disease through a series of regular assessments including blood tests, heart checks, brain imaging and questionnaires.

Participants may be able to take part in the GRADUATE if they:

  • Are 50-90 years old
  • Have mild Alzheimer’s disease or memory problems that may be the early symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Have someone who they see frequently who can be their Study Partner and can:

– Attend visits with the participant when necessary

– Be available to answer questions about the participants symptoms and any changes they may notice

– Provide accurate information about the participant is feeling


If you are interested in participating in this trial please contact us for more information on 07 5688 7170