Dr Peter Bailey

    Neurologist, Principle Investigator of Alzheimer's Disease clinical trials

    I was brought up in Western Canada in a small province, Saskatchewan. I attended the University of Saskatchewan and received my MD in 1981. I then went to Montreal for neurology training and graduated in 1985. I worked in Eastern Canada in the province of New Brunswick until 2008 . I then volunteered at The University of Malawi, a small southern African country and then moved to the Gold Coast in 2011. I now work as a neurologist at the Gold Coast University Hospital.

    I have had an interest in Alzheimer’s Disease since entering practice in 1986. During this period I have been part of the highs and lows of Alzheimer’s research . I have always valued the tremendous willingness of the general community, Alzheimer’s patients and their carers, and colleagues to contribute their time and energy to the research effort. I am confident that this effort will eventually lead to definitive treatment and control of this devastating disease.