Associate Professor Larisa M. Haupt

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Laboratory Manager | Principal Research Fellow | Neurogenesis and Stem Cells Group Leader

1991      Bachelor of Science (Biochemistry and Physiology), Griffith University

1992     Graduate Diploma of Clinical Biochemistry, Giffith University

2001     Doctor of Philosophy (Molecular Genetics, Cell Biology), Griffith University


Lab manager:

Associate Professor Larisa Haupt is the Laboratory Manager of the Genomics Research Centre. The GRC undertakes molecular biological and genetic research for translation to diagnostic testing and the development of new treatments for common, complex human disorders. This multidisciplinary research team of over 30 is a large and collaborative group comprised of principal researchers, research staff, postdoctoral scientists, as well as postgraduate and undergraduate students. The team has expertise in a range of techniques including: RNA/DNA extractions; Q-PCR; NGS (including whole genome, mitochondrial, exome and RNASeq); mutation detection and sequence validation (including Sanger Sequencing); tissue culture and dissection (primary and established cell lines); array scanning and MALDI-TOF assays; in situ analysis (immunocytochemistry); protein detection (Western blot); and bioinformatic analyses and interpretation with existing pipelines (including dedicated data servers) and the expertise to develop and tailor these needs to specific projects. The GRC has dedicated tissue culture space and equipment including microscopes, incubators, RNASeq and NGS instrumentation, cell counting and vapour phase liquid nitrogen storage capacity.

The GRC provides genetic, genomic and bioinformatics expertise and advice to collaborators, researchers and industry at competitive rates. This includes DNA/RNA extractions (blood, tissue, saliva), genotyping assays (low and high throughput (Taqman, RFLP, MassARRAY), gene expression assays (Q-PCR), next generation sequencing (exome, RNASeq, mitochondrial), sanger sequencing and pyrosequencing. Please contact us for enquiries and pricing (


Associate Professor Larisa Haupt is a Principal Research Fellow and the Neurogenesis and Stem Cell Group Leader within the Genomics Research Centre at IHBI. A/Prof Haupt has extensive research expertise in the extracellular matrix, stem cells, cell and molecular biology and human molecular genetics. Her research team has a particular interest in the role of the extracellular matrix, with a focus on the proteoglycans, in the regulation and dysregulation of cell behaviour including lineage specification and cancer.

A/Prof Haupt and her team utilise molecular and cell biological in two- and three-dimensional culture models as well as next generation sequencing platforms to unravel these complex mechanisms in humans. Models used for this work currently include: primary human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC); human embryonic stem cell derived neural stem cells (hNSC H9 and ENStem-A); primary cortex derived normal human progenitor cells (nhNPC); human immortilised frontal cortex-derived cells (ReNcell CX); patient-derived Alzheimer’s Disease iPSC-NSCs (AD-iPSC-NSCs); human primary normal human mammary epithelial cells (HMECs); and human breast cancer (HBC) cell lines.

In the last 10 years, A/Prof Haupt has published 70 manuscripts, with a current H index of 24 and an i10-index of 48. In addition to this output, A/Prof Haupt has established a series of multi-disciplinary research collaborations across University, government and non-government sectors, both within Australia and Internationally. These collaborations include researchers working in the discipline areas of human molecular genetics, pathology, bone and stem cell biology, protein biochemistry, biomaterials and breast cancer research. A/Prof Haupt has successfully been awarded >$3,5M in grant funding with a current total grant funding income of $1.6M.

To date, work from A/Prof Haupt and her research team has to evidence supporting the emergence and understanding of the role of heparan sulfate proteoglycans (HSPGs) in mediating important cellular events including proliferation and differentiation in both normal and pathological conditions. This has included work at UCSF where A/Prof Haupt and colleagues demonstrated for the first time the genomic instability of primary human mammary epithelial cells. In Singapore at IMCB, A/Prof Haupt examined the regulation of mesenchymal stem cell fate decisions by extracellular matrix constituents, in particular the heparan sulfate proteoglycans (HSPGs). Data from this work for the first time indicated the interaction of GAGs with FGF2 in osteoprogenitor cells; established the expression of the fibroblast growth factor receptors (FGFRs) during the osteogenic differentiation of murine embryonic stem cells; and determined that a homogenous heparan sulfate mediates in vitro osteogenesis of the murine pre-osteoblasts MC3T3-S14 cells.  Most recently, A/Prof Haupt and her team have identified a role for HSPGs in human neural stem cells (hNSC) proliferation and lineage specification and a potential role for these important proteins in breast cancer tumorgenicity.

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