Chieh Yu, Jade

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    PhD Candidate

    2014    Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Hon I), Griffith University

    Jade is a PhD student at the GRC, one of the members of the Neurogenesis and Stem Cell group. Her research focuses on investigating the role of proteoglycans (PGs) in human mesenchymal stem cell (hMSC) neurogenesis. This work aims to identify proteoglycans as potential key biomarkers in hMSC neural lineage specification and the underlying PG-mediated pathway mechanisms. By targeting PGs and its interactions with the extracellular matrix, the goal is to better control and direct hMSC neural differentiation into desired neural cell types for the repair of neurological disorders (such as neurodegenerative diseases and brain trauma), which affects 1 in 6 of the world’s population.

     Jade completed her Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Hon I) at Griffith University in 2014. She first became a member of the GRC during her Honours where she began her research with A/Prof. Larisa Haupt. After finishing her undergraduate degree, Jade worked a year as a research assistant at the GRC before beginning her doctoral studies.