Dr Bridget Maher

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Business Development Officer | Clinical Trial Study Coordinator

2004 Bachelor of Biotechnology Innovations (Hons), Queensland University of Technology

2007 Masters Applied Law (Intellectual Property Law), University of Queensland

2012 Doctor of Philosophy, Griffith University

Bridget completed her PhD in 2012 at the Genomics Research Centre, Griffith University under the supervision of Professor Lyn Griffiths and A/Prof Rod Lea. Her thesis is titled “Identification of an X-linked Gene involved in Migraine: Fine Mapping and Candidate Gene Studies of the Xq28 Locus.” Bridget’s research experience has focused on the genetics of neurological disease, in particular migraine, epilepsy, and the application of next generation sequencing and bioinformatics analysis – key publications are listed below.

In addition, Bridget holds a Masters in Applied Law majoring in IP Law (UQ) and a Bachelor of Biotechnology Innovations degree (QUT). Throughout her career she has worked at a number of universities in business development roles contributing to grant submissions, contract management, IP policy and protection and industry engagement.

Bridget is also a clinical trial co-ordinator at the Genomics Clinical Trial Centre, IHBI, QUT. In this position, she has been involved in a number of pharmaceutical company sponsored Phase II or III clinical trials investigating treatments or preventatives for Alzheimer’s disease. She has also been involved in protocol evaluation and the recruitment of participants for investigator led clinical trials for migraine.