Seeking opinions of people with memory problems about getting home safely with dementia

We are interested in the opinions of people living with memory problems or early-stage dementia about recommendations to improve their safety should they ever get lost. The recommendations relate to:

  • strategies that optimise safety and independence
  • policies and procedures for reporting a missing person with dementia and
  • improving emergency service response to a missing person report

If you would be willing to participate in a 30-minute online interview we would love to hear from you. Please email or call 07 3138 3852 to express your interest.

More information

For more information, please see:

  • Participant information sheet [PDF] for a more detailed explanation about what you would have to do.
  • Summary about why people with dementia are at greater risk of getting lost and some strategies to improve your safety.
  • Carer Participant Information Sheet [PDF] if you would like a support person to attend the interview with you.
  • Watch the video below to hear John Quinn, Project Ambassador and person living with dementia, describe the importance of the project from his perspective.