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In this project, we are researching how everyday Australians use location services on their mobile devices, how aware they are of the location data they create and share through their everyday mobile media use, and how this data is used, tracked, and valued by digital media services.

Do you use your smartphone to

  • get directions from your current location to somewhere you want to go
  • receive weather updates or restaurant recommendations based on where you are
  • track your exercise
  • or to tell your friends where you are by ‘checking in’ to a location on social media?

If so, then we would love to hear your thoughts and opinions, and we invite you to become a participant in the project through our national survey in May 2019 and/or our design-led user study, starting September 2019.

1. National survey

We completed our national survey in June 2019, and are currently preparing a report of our findings to be released in July/August.

2. Design-led user study

As an everyday user of digital media, we invite you to participate in this Australian-first research project where we will be using multisensorial mapping and co-design methods in:

  • A 2-hour focus group, where you will discuss your everyday engagement with location-based digital media, and explore your understanding of the location data you share through your use of digital and mobile media (2 October).
  • A 2-hour co-design workshop, where you will help us design better ways to communicate location awareness in Australia (6 October).

The Brisbane Focus Group and Workshops will take place on:

  • Wednesday 2 October, 10am-12pm
  • and Sunday 6 October, 10am-12pm

Read our Participant Information Sheet to find out more about these two events.