Stage 2: Design-led user study

Everyday user design study

Lead researcher: Prof. Larissa Hjorth

Following the national survey and industry interviews, the project team will conduct a design-led user study developing out of stage 1 and leading to the development of a design interface or intervention for location awareness—allowing users to understand the implications of location sharing. The study, which will be conducted across a range of Australian urban, periurban, and regional sites, will provide a richer understanding of geographically influenced locative media use and location awareness to complement and enhance the national-level survey undertaken in phase 1.

The study foregrounds digital ethnographic research and participatory design and will take the form of a focus group, cultural/technology probes study, and co-design workshop, supplemented by day-in-the-life studies of selected participants in each site.

The research team will subsequently work with a software engineer to develop the online public interface, and will conduct a follow-up 2-hour usability testing workshop with participants in year 3.