About the project

Project overview and aims

With near-ubiquitous levels of smartphone use in Australia, digital media have become integrated within everyday lives. These services, however, rely on access to an individual’s location, raising privacy and cybersecurity concerns over this sensitive datapoint.

The Digital Media, Location Awareness and the Politics of Geodata project critically examines the increasingly pervasive role of location metadata (or geodata) in Australian smartphone practices and cultures and the implications this has for users, industry, and public administration.

The project’s primary aim is to develop resources to enhance public understanding of geodata and geoprivacy, as well as industry and policy recommendations that address the crucial issue of ‘location awareness’ in everyday digital media use.

Project funding

The Digital Media, Location Awareness, and the Politics of Geodata project (DP180100174) is a three-year (2018–2021) research project funded by the Australian Research Council’s Discovery Projects scheme.

Project team

Led from QUT’s Digital Media Research Centre and Design Lab, the project draws together a multidisciplinary and international research team:

Chief Investigators:

Partner Investigators: