CropCloud: powerful data for better decision making

'CropCloud' is a crop modelling tool utilising cloud computing to perform more powerful calculations.

BeefLedger: Blockchain tracking from paddock to plate

We are using blockchain to track the origin of beef to overcome food fraud and protect Australia's beef industry.

Improved natural capital on Australian cotton farms

This project helps cotton farms demonstrate their environmental sustainability practices using acoustic sensors and data visualisation to track biodiversity.

Profitability of Robotic Crop Management

We are developing tools to assess the economical impact of robotic-enabled weed and fertilisation management in relation to productivity, profitability and sustainability of broadacre farms.

Improving Australian cotton sustainability reporting

We're undertaking a review to identify who the most important stakeholders are for cotton, what sustainability issues the industry should be reporting on, and how multiple aspects of sustainability can be effectively reported to stakeholders.

Past projects

The future of fruit: customised and 3D printed

A new project allows you to customise and 3D print your own fruit in what will be the future of fruit.

Boosting finance for Australian grape growers

A new project is using financial and environmental benchmarking data to improve access to bank finance by Australian winegrowers.

Data Analytics for App Technology in Irrigation Decisions

We are developing novel data analytics for irrigation decision making based on data and mobile technology in support of Australia's horticulture industry.

Predicting opportunities for Australian agriculture

Our researchers are predicting the 'next big trend' that will impact the profitability and sustainability of the agricultural sector.

AgBot II Robotic Site-specific Crop and Weed Management Tool

Funded by Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

Meet AgBot II, a new generation tool for robotic site-specific crop and weed management.

'Harvey' - the robotic capsicum (sweet pepper) harvester

'Harvey', a new agricultural robot prototype designed to identify and robotically harvest capsicums (sweet peppers).

Sweet Pepper (Capsicum) Data Analytics

We are seeking to improve situational awareness for farmers in regard to quantity, quality and spacial variability of crops to enable more efficient management of workforce and selective harvesting, thus improving productivity and maximising the quality of the crop delivered to market.

Agri-intelligence in Cotton Production Systems

We are mapping the decision space in cotton farming systems and capturing increased potential value through the integration of data-to-information interactions between the farming enterprise and the value chain.