The Fruit Fly Research Group, based at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), is a leading group of researchers actively involved in fruit fly research at an Australian university. The work we do at QUT is unique in Australia, in that we focus efforts on both off-shore and domestic species.

We are intentionally multidisciplinary; covering systematics and pure biology as well as strategic research for quarantine and pest management. We use a range of tools to address these questions, from functional genomics through to direct behavioral observation.

As a group based within a ‘technology’ university, industry engagement and the provision of expert services is a key element of what we do, along with postdoctoral mentoring and the education of research scholars.


The QUT Fruit Fly Group (plus some visitors) at a lab retreat, October 2016.

The Fruit Fly Research group is interested in discussing new opportunities to collaborate. Please contact the team to discuss your area of interest.