Farewell to Katharina

The lab says a sad farewell to Katharina, whose contract unfortunately finishes with the calendar year.  Katharina started with the lab in August 2016, appointed through a HIA/CSIRO/QUT contract to work on the Rural R&D4P Area-wide fruit fly project, and was co-located between QUT and CSIRO until the end of 2018.  During 2019 Katharina has been located full-time here at QUT, with undergraduate teaching responsibilities in semester 2.

Katharina led the lab’s push into fruit fly spatial and foraging ecology, and has played a big role in the PhD co-supervision of several lab members.  She has been hugely generous in sharing her expertise in R and there is no doubt the overall statistics expertise of the lab has been greatly improved through Katharina’s input.  She has also been an incredibly important member of the social fabric of the lab.

As unfortunately too common for postdocs, Katharina’s immediate future is still unclear.  But we wish her all the very best, thank her for her contributions on all fronts,  and trust that the new opportunities which are sure to arise will be both enjoyable and rewarding.