Fractional dynamic models for MRI to probe tissue microstructure

Project dates: 01/01/2010 - Ongoing

Mathematical models have continually been developed to improve our understanding of physical and biological processes. In magnetic resonance imaging, mathematical models and their parameters play a key role in associating information between images and biology, with the overall aim of producing spatially resolved maps of tissue property variations. However, models which can inform on changes in microscale tissue properties are lacking. We will develop new mathematical tools for mapping tissue microstructural properties via the use of space-time fractional calculus methods. The tools developed herein will be used to generate new magnetic resonance image-based maps to convey information on tissue microstructure changes in the human brain.


Funding / Grants

  • ARC DP190101889 (2019 - 2022)

Chief Investigators


Other Team Members

Viktor  VeghMagin Richard



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