'Cool Clips'

‘Cool Clips’ series

‘Cool Clips about Climate Change’ is a series of four stop motion animation workshops that were held at the City Libraries in Townsville between September and October 2015. The workshops used the NFB StopMo Studio App and the iPad kit that was provided to the Townsville City Libraries last year as part of two Living Labs.

The workshops were facilitated by Sabine Carter and Ally Lankester with the support of the Townsville City Council through the Regional Arts Development Fund. Participants worked in teams using digital storytelling and collage techniques to create a short stop motion clip relating to Climate Change. The clips were then edited and collated into one short film. https://youtu.be/kSCihkaReGQ The film screened on 8th December 2015 at the Old Courthouse in Townsville together with the feature film ‘That Changes Everything’ by Naomi Klein.

While Sabine Carter provided artistic and conceptual guidance, Ally Lankester conducted an action research to analyse the creative and educational processes that were happening during the workshops.

In March 2016 Sabine Carter facilitated two more ‘Cool Clips’ workshops at the UnitingCare Community Centre working with disadvantaged teenagers as part of the ASPIRE program. The participants used the iPad kit in various ways to tell a digital story about themselves. The film editing is still in progress and there will be an update coming soon.

The ‘Cool Clips’ project was made possible through the access to easy-to-use digital technology. The iPad kit turned out to be a great resource to tap into the creative capabilities of Townsville’s youth. It provides an opportunity to facilitate more ‘Cool Clip’ workshops in future in collaboration with MIXHAUS, LaLuna and the City Libraries.


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