Fire-fighters: pre-employment physical attributes testing

Pre-employment screening tests are essential in physically demanding occupations, to ensure the ongoing capability of the workforce and to minimize the risk of injury to future employees. Screening tests need to identify applicants who are suitable to perform the role irrespective of age or gender. Screening also needs to correctly identify applicants for whom the job would place them at an unacceptable risk of injury or who would be unable to complete essential tasks due to their physical demands. The sensitivity and specificity of these tests are important considerations in the development of pre-employment screening procedures.

The functions of the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) are unique. It is the only entity in Australia that delivers fire, rescue, emergency and disaster management services through a single agency. Therefore while pre-employment screening tests have been developed for other National and State Fire Services, and aspects of these would be transferable, the unique functions of the QFES reflect the need for a dedicated set of tasks.

Queensland University of Technology has been approached to undertake a review of the current Queensland Physical Attributes Testing’s appropriateness and effectiveness in representing the physical demands required of a QFES employee.

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  • Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

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