Meg Doohan

    PhD Candidate (2020- ) Honours (2019)

    Meg is a current Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) candidate in the school of Exercise and Nutrition Science at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). Meg recently completed her Honours Degree in Psychology in 2019, after completing a double Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Movement Science and Psychology at QUT in 2018, and a Vacation Research Experience Scheme program in early 2019.

    Meg’s Honours project focused on examining the influence of environmental heat stress on cognitive performance whilst wearing personal protective equipment. Meg’s interest in the influence environmental heat stress can play on cognitive performance in occupational and sporting environments has continued into her post-graduate research, with her PhD projects focusing primarily on the effects of the menstrual cycle on both heat stress, and the resulting alterations in cognitive performance.

    Meg’s involvement in recreational and competitive coaching of endurance events over a number of years has helped foster her interest in environmental heat stress, the novel challenges faced by females when completing physical tasks, and the psychological underpinnings of cognitive performance. Meg has a particular passion for enabling females in sporting and occupational contexts to perform at the highest standard, and the unique physiology of the female body. 


    The first PhD study can be found using this Survey Link