Dr David N. Borg

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PhD (2019) Honours (2014)

BSc Ex Phys, Hons (1st Class)

PhD Project:

The influence of perception on exercise regulation in the heat



Conferences Presentations:

European College of Sport Science (2015) Malmo, Sweden:

  • Is a perceptual strain index substituting thermal comfort for thermal sensation a more accurate predictor of physiological strain? DN Borg, IB Stewart, JT Costello

International Conference for Environmental Ergonomics (2015) Portsmouth, United Kingdom:

  • Can perceptual indices estimate physiological strain across a range of environments and metabolic workloads when wearing explosive ordnance disposal and chemical protective clothing? DN Borg, IB Stewart, JT Costello

Exercise and Sports Science Australia (2016) Melbourne, Australia:

  • Predicting physiological strain when operating in chemical protective garments: Should the perceptual strain index be modified? DN Borg, AJE Bach, IB Stewart, JT Costello

International Conference on Environmental Ergonomics (2017) Kobe, Japan:

  • The effect of ambient temperature deception on perceived exertion and physiological variables during fixed-intensity cycling in the heat. DN Borg, IB Stewart, JT Costello, CC Drovandi, GM Minett.



  • Principles of Exercise Prescription (2013 – 16)
  • Exercise Physiology 2 (2013 – 18)
  • Exercise Physiology 1 (2014 – 18)
  • Performance Analysis (2016 – 2018)
  • Sports and Exercise for Teachers (2017)
  • Sports and Exercise Science Practicum (2017 – 2018)
  • Clinical Exercise Physiology Practicum (2017 – 2018)

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