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Adjunct Associate Professor PhD (2011) Honours (2005)

PhD (Queensland University of Technology)

Dr Hunt’s research focuses on optimising human health and performance in extreme environments. Andrew received an Australian Postgraduate Award to complete his PhD studies at the Queensland University of Technology, investigating the heat strain experienced by surface mine workers. During his candidature Andrew also researched the effects of ballistic protective clothing on heat strain among security guards and police explosive ordnance disposal technicians.

Following his PhD, Andrew commenced working with the Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group as a thermal physiologist. In this role he conducted research for enhancing the performance of military personnel through the vast array of environments to which they may be exposed. Specifically he has addressed the physiological tolerance of military personnel to operations in the heat, the risk management of heat-related illnesses, the influence of protective clothing systems such as body armour and chemical & biological protection on body heat loss, human performance in cold weather operations, the physiological effects of decompression and hypoxia in aircraft, and the development of physical employment standards. Andrew received two achievement awards for his contributions to the development of Physical Employment Standards for the Australian Defence Force and for scientific support provided to the Australian Federal Police.

Recently Andrew has taken on the role of research fellow at QUT. Andrew’s research continues to investigate human performance in extreme environments and is also exploring the potential health benefits of passive heating for clinical populations.

Andrew has published over 17 referred journal papers, with 87% in Q1 and Q2 academic journals. His work has received over 153 citations, with an h-index of 8. Andrew was a member of the scientific committee for the first International Conference on Physiological and Physical Employment Standards (2012) and on the 4th International Conference on Soldiers’ Physical Performance (2017). Andrew has presented his work at numerous international conferences including the International Conference on Environmental Ergonomics (2009, 2013, 2015, and 2017), the Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine (2012), and has been an invited speaker at the Science of Sport, Exercise and Physical Activity in the Tropics conference (2016). Securing over $220,000 in research funding, Andrew has extensive experience working with industry and government to optimise the health and performance of various occupational groups. These have included the Australian Defence Forces, police and security guards, and workers in the mining industry.

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